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Nuestro equipo está comprometido con la excelente atención al paciente, la investigación y la educación.

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Nacimos un 15 de julio de 2005 como una sociedad de médicos que tenían un sueño: construir un emprendimiento privado en salud que practique medicina de excelencia y se constituya en un referente de la medicina en Bolivia. Actualmente, contamos con más de 100 médicos entre socios e invitados y un amplio portafolio constituido por más de 34 especialidades médicas, con unidades de apoyo diagnóstico y toda la infraestructura para tratar casos desde la más alta a la más baja complejidad.

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Trascendencia y vanguardia
en salud y educación

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Ofrecer a la familia un servicio de salud integral con calidez y efectividad


We offer efficient access to cardiometabolic testing services. We are leaders in the rapid assessment of cardiovascular risk factors and identifying atherosclerosis.


Our cardiovascular experts — cardiologists, vascular surgeons, radiologists, you nurse practitioners — work together to provide you expert, compassionate care.


Cardiac rehabilitation (CR) can slow or the disease (CVD). E-cardiology, e-health and technology solutions for physical activity uptake and monitoring have evolved rapid and have potential in CVD management.

We are a multidisciplinary team of experts

Delivering world class medical care

Our Hospital provide the highest quality care to improve the health of our entire community through innovation, collaboration, service excellence, diversity and a commitment to patient safety

Patient Experience

"Dr Ravi Assomull is great doctor very experienced and friendly, it’s a pleasure to meet him and get seen by him, I look forward to see him again."
Michael Adesman67, New York
"Dr. Mittal explained everything he was going to do. I was petrified and nervous, and he put me at ease and made me feel, and i most certainly recommend ... "
Jennifer Murphy17, Boston
"An excellent Surgeon who is dedicated to his profession. I was his patient in 2014 with of my tongue.. I have no hesitation in recommending him for ... "
Stuart Garza10, Houston
"I had a radical hysterectomy in October by Mr Jeyarajah. It was a very stressful time for me and my family but him and his secretary was treated were ... "
Javier Higgins27, Orlando
Our multidisciplinary team works together to ensure a safe and swift journey through the medical department.
Dr Johnatan SmithChief Medical Officer

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CARDIOLOGYBarbara Hodgin

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PULMOLOGYJeanette Bowman

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